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CHL class action lawsuit to be brought back to light.

This is the CHL's logo. I put it into this article, being that this company is the main subject regarding my journalistic investigations.

In a very bold move to bring justice to players, I have decided to bring a couple of the recent lawsuits levied against the CHL to light. I have become personally frustrated with the lack of coverage around off ice financial matters, so I am taking matters into my own hands. I reached out to Thomas Gobeil and Lukas Walter today, and they both seem like good men looking out for their fellow player, so I am looking forward to being a part of this investigation with them.

In this article, the CHL class action lawsuit that I am referring to is the one that Charney Lawyers previously worked with them on, and of the 30 million $ that they would have settled for, 11.8 million was to go to Charney Lawyers. Both players so far allege that they have refused to provide time sheets, billing records, and other information concerning mow much time they have spent on the case. As for my own personal experience with Charney, they don't even pick up the phone during business hours, and they only operate from 9:00 to 5:00, making it impossible for me to reach them from the Pacific Time Zone. They have also been very quiet in the media, with Ted Charney declining to comment on the allegations that his firm did not provide any records relevant to the case.

The lawsuit concerning Walter and Gobeil is regarding the CHL skirting minimum wage laws and then lobbying provinces and states to exempt junior players from these laws. Walter is quoted saying, "When we first signed on to this worthy cause, we were promised a monetary award and a cultural change to the system of major junior hockey. In 2019, we entered good faith negotiations with the defendants. We now have documented proof to demonstrate that the defendants were not forthcoming with their financial position, nor can they accept responsibility or implement change given their conduct over the last four years." This quote is what he said regarding the behavior of the defendants, who represent the interests of the CHL. If this case turns out to be what I think it is, then this could be the biggest case of corruption in professional hockey since Alan Eagleson defrauded NHL players.

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