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Collaborating with the PP3 Podcast and what it means to Broken Twigs

Updated: Apr 17

Nolan Kehoe and Nolan Wyatt's logo for the PP3 Podcast.

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Yesterday, the PP3 Podcast sat down and had a conversation with me and my co-host, Reggie Lott. This was our first collaboration with another content creator, and it meant the world to us that they sat down and talked with us for 35 minutes about the state of the NHL at the 75 game mark of the year. However, there was a misunderstanding in the format of the show. They were hoping to come on to the show to talk about their hockey careers and what it's like launching into the media landscape. Despite their request to scrap the interview, which I did, I am still grateful to Nolan Wyatt and Nolan Kehoe for being so generous with their time.

They are well connected in the game, have graduated from the VIJHL now, and now are new podcasters that started in the year 2024 just like me and Reggie decided to do. They show their unique insights into the game though some amazing dressing room stories, their own perspectives from having been players, and they both are winners of the 2023 Patterson Cup as VIJHL Playoff Champions, and they helped the Oceanside Generals win the regular season title that year. They also won a silver medal at the Cyclone Taylor Cup.

This is a podcast which many of you will find funny, informative, and they will become Vancouver Island's next fan favorites.

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