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How will Conor McGregor have an amazing career as an actor?

Updated: Apr 17

Conor McGregor in his acting debut as Knox in Road House, getting ready for the final battle against Elwood Dalton.

Image credits: Laura Radford/Prime Video

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers. If you do not wish to read then I suggest you watch the movie first.

The answer to this question is easy: Conor McGregor is good at being bad. His entire UFC career, he was very good at playing the villain in so many of his press conferences. It was never more evident than against Khabib Nurmagomedov, when he went after him saying he would defeat him on behalf of Russia, and offering him his whiskey knowing Khabib doesn't drink. McGregor also baited him very well with well placed insults, talking about how he was fanboying around him and his camp. He also got beaten by Khabib in the ring, which is somewhat representative of the hero taking down the villain after all the shit McGregor threw on him.

Another reason why he will go far is that, alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, he gave an amazing performance in a movie that had an OK plot at best. The movie directors did not seem like they were planning on a sequel, given how the first 40 minutes played out. However, the ending showed that when Knox walked out of the hospital after attacking the employees in a mid-credits scene, they were setting up a sequel where he will be the main co-star alongside Gyllenhaal. I also believe that Ben Brandt was never meant to be the real villain in the story, and that didn't help with the plot. Though I understand that they wanted to surround McGregor with more experienced actors to test the waters with him, I don't think it was necessary, because he is a natural talent.

The other reasons McGregor will do well is that his acting debut is attached to a movie with a well-known name, and what he was able to do with limited screen time shows just what he will be capable of in the movie business. I also believe that Billy Magnussen could've done better playing the role of insanity hidden behind a charismatic layer, and that only highlighted McGregor's performance. His career as both a fan favorite in the UFC and as a controversial figure will help him gain attention as well. His performance alongside Gyllenhaal's made it so that an OK movie became good, and with better directing and writing for the sequel, there are no limits to McGregor's career as an actor.

Overall Movie Grade

Plot: C Acting: A- CGI: B-

Performance Grades

Jake Gyllenhaal: B+ Conor McGregor: A Billy Magnussen: B

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